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A litter of puppies in a bathtub receiving pet grooming in Chattanooga, TN
We offer pet grooming in Chattanooga at both The Inn at Wolftever and our East Hamilton location. We offer a variety of options, from the basics to spa treatments. Our team of groomers bring a tremendous amount of experience and valuable knowledge so that your pets receive top-notch treatment.

Benefits of Grooming: Grooming is beneficial to your pet’s overall health and well-being. Our groomers are trained to identify issues of concern with your pet’s coat, skin, eyes, ears, and teeth. Any issue of concern will be brought to your attention. In addition to health benefits, your pet will leave our spa looking (and smelling) fantastic!

Requirements for Dog Grooming:

  • Rabies: Must be current within 1, 2, or 3 years depending on vaccinations your vet uses
  • Up-to-date DHLPP Distemper Series and Bordetella are also required
  • If your pet’s veterinarian has excused them from vaccinations due to a medical reason, please bring documentation from your veterinarian explaining those circumstances.
  • Canine Influenza and Fecal Analysis are not required but are strongly recommended


Grooming Services Hours of Operation:

Monday – 7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Tuesday – 7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Thursday – 7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Friday – 7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.



Call (423)344-1913 to Make an Appointment.

  • Option #2 for the Inn.
  • Option #3 for East Hamilton

Cost: Prices are determined by the breed, size, temperament, and coat condition of each pet. Groomers will meet with each client and pet at drop-off to determine price.

Drop-off: Pets MUST be dropped off between 7:00-8:00 a.m. on the day of their appointment. Clients will meet with the groomer on the day of their appointment to discuss the client’s grooming preferences. Price is determined by the groomer at this time. Satisfaction Guarantee: We strive to provide exceptional service in a clean and safe environment, following the best possible grooming standards.

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Our Spa Services:

In our efforts to implement the best pet grooming Chattanooga has to offer, our facility is equipped to offer spa services for your furry friend as well.

Spa Bath: Pets are bathed with our HydroSurge bathing system and are blown dry by hand to ensure the best result for each hair type. The spa bath also includes trimming and filing the nails, cleaning the ears, expressing the anal glands, brushing the coat to loosen debris and detangle, and (if needed) clipping hair out of the eyes, bottom of feet, and a sanitary trim. The final touch is a bow or bandana and a spray of pet cologne.

Full Groom: A full groom includes a HydroSurge bath and being blown dry by hand to ensure the best result for each hair type. The full groom also includes trimming and filing the nails, cleaning the ears, expression of the anal glands, brushing out the coat to loosen debris and detangle, and an individualized cut to each breed’s standard or client’s preference. The final touch is a bow or bandana and a spray of pet cologne.

DeShedding: DeShedding is a 7-step process that includes brushing the coat to loosen debris and detangle, a HydroSurge bath to lift out and loosen undercoat hair, drying the coat by hand, and brushing the coat with a deShedding brush designed to gently remove the shedding undercoat. You will see results immediately. We recommend regular baths and deShedding to prevent hair buildup in the coat.


If you are not satisfied with a groom, please follow these guidelines:

Call the staff at the location of your pet’s groom within 24 hours of the appointment. Bring your pet to us within 48 hours of the groom appointment for free adjustments. After 48 hours, a new appointment must be made for full price for any desired groom adjustments.

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Our Commitment to Excellence at our Spas:

Our Commitment to Excellence at our Spas:

  • Our HydroSurge bathing system mixes water with shampoo in a spray that deeply penetrates the coat and washes away dirt.
  • Our Clipper Vac system creates a safe and sanitary grooming environment.
  • We use top-of-the-line shampoos, conditioners, and veterinarian approved medicated shampoos (if needed) at no additional cost.
  • We mix a bath according to each pet’s needs because the well-being of each pet is our top priority. We also allow clients to provide their own shampoo, if desired.

Meet Our Grooming Staff:

Laurie Roy

Laurie has 10 years of grooming experience. Her lifelong passion for animals has also led her to working in rescues, volunteering at spay and neuter clinics, and working on a farm.

Kaite (KJ) Wesner

KJ is located at the Inn at Wolftever. She has 7 years of experience in the grooming industry. She has been around all different dogs her whole life, but, through grooming, fell in love with golden retrievers. She now has 3 goldens and 1 honorary golden at home.

Ashley Lemons

Ashley Lemons  is a staff groomer at the Inn at Wolftever and has over a decade of experience grooming professionally. She grew up with a house full of large breed dogs and is always looking for a hug or a kiss from every pet on her grooming table.

Katie Shrum

Katie Shrum  is a groomer at the Inn At Wolftever. She has over 12 years of experience as a professional groomer. Katie’s passion for animals came from her grandfather. Katie fell in love with grooming when she picked up her first pair of clippers as a teen.

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