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The Puppy Present

Posted by: allianceadmin | December 09, 2021
Categories: Pet Care

With Christmas right around the corner, we thought it timely to touch on giving a pet as a gift. While we all know the look on little Lexi or little Jason’s face would be overwhelmingly amazing, there are some very important things to consider first.

  1. Is the child (or parent) able to physically take care of the pet?
    Dogs require a lot of exercise and training which can take up a significant amount of time. Cats typically involve much less time needed to acclimate the pet to its new home. Will the pet go through obedience training? Do you have the patience to maintain a regimen for successful potty training? What type of pet is best for your household? Cat or dog? What breed of dog? Are there any allergies to consider?
  2. Is there extra income to make sure the pet stays healthy?
    Pets can require a surprising amount of money sometimes. Getting a puppy all of the required shots can run about $300; then there’s good quality food, obedience school, and much more. If an unexpected sickness arises or your dog is prone to eating random objects, you could be looking at hundreds or thousands of unplanned dollars. Pet insurance is a good option to look into when getting a young pet.
  3. Is the household ready for a permanent change?
    Sometimes folks are so focused on getting something that little Lexi wants so bad, that they fail to think about the fact that a new pet is a huge and permanent change to the household. Moving? Is there, or will there be a new baby soon? Once the pet is in the household, they can start having behavioral issues if a new family member comes into play or a move occurs. It is important to remember you are committing to giving the best care to this new pet and that you will have the patience to do so. Making sure that a lot of thought is put into acquiring a new pet is vital.
    The final step-make sure you are prepared for lots of slobbery snuggles. ?